Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang says the revocation of the US Visas of two prominent local politicians will hurt the Opposition PNP more than the governing JLP.

Mr. O’Brien Chang says, PNP Vice President, Phillip Paulwell’s visa revocation is of more moment than that of Cabinet Minister, Daryl Vaz.

Both men confirm that their US visas were revoked last week.

Both also say they have not been given any reason for the revocation by US authorities.

However, Mr. O’Brien Chang speculates that the move was an attempt to send a message to Jamaica’s political directorate.

Meanwhile, President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions, Helene Davis Whyte, agrees with Chang’s assessment.

Helene Davis Whyte, President of the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions.

Both were speaking on Friday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5 with Tyrone Reid and Franklin McKnight.