Chevon Campbell reports

Eighty per cent of students who sat this year’s Primary Exit Profile, PEP, were placed in the schools of their choice.

That’s according to Education Minister, Karl Samuda, speaking at a digital media briefing this afternoon.

The Minister says despite the challenges caused by the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, he has absolute confidence in the assessment and placement mechanisms that were utilised.

Approximately 39 thousand students were placed in high schools this year based on their assessed scores from PEP.

The Minister says due care and consideration along with the required expertise were used to create the most accurate profile in light of the COVID-19 disruptions.

He says the final grades and placements were arrived at through a weighted formula spanning three years of assessment.

The work done in grade four attracted 30 per cent, 20 per cent in grade 5 and 50 per cent in grade six.

Certain tasks this year were cancelled as a result of the pandemic forcing adoption of a hybrid system for placement.

However, the Minister says despite having no playbook for such an unprecedented time in human history, he places a high degree of confidence in the placement system.

Meanwhile, Minister Samuda says one per cent of this year’s Grade 7 cohort will be placed in private schools.

This, is in order to accommodate the need for social distancing due to COVID-19

This means just over 5-hundred students will be sent to private schools by the government.

Meanwhile, Mr. Samuda says the Ministry has the resources it needs for the upcoming school year in September.