Former PNP General Secretary, Peter Bunting, says Audrey Smith Facey’s preparedness to fight corruption and cronyism are among the reasons delegates should support her bid.

Bunting, who’s the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, today released a video in support of Mrs. Smith Facey.

Like former East Rural St. Andrew MP, Damion Crawford did earlier this week, Bunting is describing the Smith Facey versus Brown Burke contest as a battle for the soul of the PNP.

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Bunting forms part of a powerful alliance, which includes a prominent businessman, Richard Lake, who is supporting the campaign to have Mrs. Smith Facey enter Gordon House to represent the safest PNP seat in the country.

South East St. Ann Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna and former MPs Raymond Pryce and Damion Crawford are among other young and prominent PNP figures who campaigned last night in the PNP garrison on behalf of Smith Facey.

The popular Crawford returned to the campaign trail in South West St. Andrew just after 4:00 this afternoon.

He and those who’re supporting Mrs. Smith Facey are up against a faction in the PNP which includes East Kingston MP, Phillip Paulwell and party veterans Paul Burke and Dr. D.K. Duncan.

Councilor for the Papine Division in East St. Andrew, Venesha Phillips, is another PNP member who’s close to the bid to have Mrs. Brown Burke inherit the delegate rich constituency.

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On Sunday approximately 1900 delegates will decide between Brown Burke and Smith Facey.

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