Constitutional attorney, Dr. Lloyd Barnett says the Maroon community of Accompong is not a sovereign state.

Dr. Barnett’s comments on the community’s sovereignty follows an ongoing public debate about whether or not the Accompong Maroons can establish a bank without subjecting itself to Jamaican laws.

He was speaking  on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Kemesha Kelly.

Earlier this week, Finance Minister of Accompong  in St.Elizabeth, Chief Timothy McPherson asserted that the Maroon communities in Jamaica can self govern, and are not subject to the dictates of the Jamaican government.

But Dr. Barnett is rejecting those pronouncements.

During an interview with Nationwide News this week, Chief McPherson defended the Maroon’s actions to establish their own central bank.

There’ve been concerns about whether this is allowed under Jamaican law.

The Bank of Jamaica, BOJ, says the Banking Services Act prohibits persons or companies from taking deposits or conducting any other banking business without a license.

The BOJ says the Maroon Bank is not among BOJ-regulated banks, nor is it known to regulators of cooperatives and credit unions.

But Chief McPherson has said the BOJ has no jurisdiction over the Central Solar Reserve Bank because the Maroon community is a sovereign state.

Dr. Barnett says this is not the case.

Dr. Barnett says several statutory changes after the 1738 Peace Treaty indicated that the Maroons are subject to Jamaican laws like all other citizens.