Age shouldn’t be an issue!

That’s the message from recently appointed Senator and PNP Caretaker for West St. James, Dr. Andre Haughton, who says if you are good enough to effectively contribute to the good of the party and to nation building, then you’re old enough.

Dr. Haughton says what’s needed is better representation as the electorate is becoming more informed and critical.

Dr. Andre Haughton, PNP Caretaker for West St. James.

Over the weekend, PNPYO President, Krystal Tomlinson, raised concerns about the party’s organizational machinery, its message and its communication.

She’s also calling for an end to what the Youth Organization says is the reign of a team of elderly comrades who’ve led every election campaign since 1976.

While agreeing with many of the recommendations put forward by the PNPYO, Councilor for the Trafalgar Division, Kari Douglas, says there’s a balance to be struck between the younger generation of comrades and those with more experience.

Kari Douglas, Councilor for the Trafalgar Division.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the PNP youth affiliate group, the Patriots, Mario Mitchell, says youth do have a voice in the PNP, but he believes more can be done.

Mario Mitchell, Vice President of the PNP Patriots.

All three were speaking on Nationwide This Morning.