Agriculture Minister Pearnel Charles Jr, says the government is in talks with a multimillion dollar potential investor to the poultry industry. 

This as the government moves to implement measures to help reduce the impact of rising prices on farmers and consumers. 

Minister Charles Jr says the ministry has been meeting with several stakeholders in the sector.

He says there are encouraging signs of investments in the agriculture sector.

Pearnel Charles Junior, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, speaking last evening on Nationwide at Five

The ministry says it will continue to assist small farmers through its Production and Productivity Programme to cushion the effects of the global challenge.

Presently, farmers receive GCT relief on several inputs, including fertilizer and feeds.

But the ministry says it’s also preparing a list of items to be submitted to the Ministry of Finance for consideration for removal of other duties on imported items that are required in agricultural production and productivity.

In the meantime, Chief Technical Director at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Orville Palmer, says farmers should use the current Russia-Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to use science and technology to improve their operations.

Mr Palmer says phosperous is one of the most expensive ingredients used in fertilizers imported to Jamaica. But he says it’s abused.

According to Mr Palmer, Russia supplies mainly potassium which helps in the growth of tubers and other plants.

Local farmers can work with fertilizer suppliers in order to minimize the use of expensive fertilizer blend. 

He says the ministry is also working with the farmers to minimise what he calls post harvest losses farmers often experience.

Orville Palmer, Chief Technical Director at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.