The attorney for alleged gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan, yesterday blasted a witness in the Klansman gang trial calling him a liar. 

The witness, a retired police investigator, last week told the court the sole defendant Stephanie Christie tried to bribe him with $100,000 for the police to release Bryan from police custody. 

According to the retired crime fighter he told Christie she should instead bring him two rifles belonging to the criminal organisation. 

Bryan’s attorney, Lloyd McFarlane, yesterday asked the witness why he was using Bryan’s release as leverage when the police had no legal right to arrest him. 

According to McFarlane Bryan was never a suspect and he was not to be held against his will. 

But the witness says Bryan was a person of Interest as the police was investigating several murders in the St Catherine North Division. 

 “So you lied to Mumma, you have been lying a lot!” McFarlane asked. 

But the witness says he’s not a liar he used unconventional methods when he asked Christie to take in the two rifles and he’d have Bryan released. 

A fuming McFarlane shot back at the witness saying, ‘is it fair to say the only reason we shouldn’t describe you as a lying policeman is because you are no longer a policeman?”

According to McFarlane, the witness had made no mention of his conversations with Christie nor with Bryan in his statements to the police.