Dancehall artiste Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan made their first public appearance at Sandz since the passing of their son 9-year-old Khalif Lawrence.

Kimberly Megan joined her husband Sheldon “Aidonia” Lawrence on stage at Sandz Caribbean Music Festival at Stadium East in Kingston on New Year’s Day.

Kahlif passed away on December 3, 2022 after ailing with cancer. A press release from Burke/Bodley stated that he was diagnosed in 2019.

Aidonia took a break in his performance to acknowledge his wife for her show of strength through the challenges they’ve been facing in recent times.

He said “ From 2019 till now, nuff people don’t even know what we a go through. And you a hold it down on the fort, nuff time me can’t even deh deh. Year and odd me nuh see me son and you deh deh wid him and hold it out.”

Aidonia said he was having a “Sheldon moment” as he addressed his wife before returning to his stage persona to complete his performance.