Tazhna Williams reports

Nationwide News understands that Airlift workers at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston have been on strike since last Friday, after claiming they have not been paid since December.

Airlift Handlers Limited Ramp Leader, Nicholas Nugent says there has been a change in management at the organization since November.

Mr. Nugent says since that time, things have gone downhill for the staff.

He says the workers will not be cheated out of their benefits

The National Workers Union NWU which represents the workers say attempts to get a response from management have proved futile.

The NWU confirmed that employees at Airlift Handlers Limited have been on strike over wage negotiations.

Mr. Nugent says the new management has declared that it is not responsible for their affairs.

He noted that employees are totally dissatified with how they have being treated by their superiors.

He added that they have not been paid since December.

According to Mr Nugent, several employees are struggling to pay their debts, having not been paid, yet they are still being asked to turn up for work.

He explained that he is disappointed with NWU’s handling of the situation, adding that he is not sure if they are on the side of management or that of the workers.

But the NWU’s Island Supervisor, Kurt Fletcher says he is disappointed that the workers are suggesting that they have not been adequately represented by the NWU.

Meanwhile Mr. Fletcher says the NWU supports the action taken by the workers.

He says the NWU understands their frustration:

Mr. Fletcher says the head of the management has refused to declare ownership of the staff:

Kurt Fletcher, NWU Island Supervisor