Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann, Dr. Dayton Campbell, refuses to rule out if he along with fourteen other members of the PNP’s parliamentary group will attempt to remove Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips.

The fifteen MP’s representing a majority of the PNP Caucus, have called for a meeting with Dr. Phillips to discuss the future of the party.

Dr. Campbell says everything can be placed on the table for what he calls open and frank discussions.

Dr. Campbell says it would be highly inappropriate for him to have a public discussion regarding the inner workings of the party.

However, he says in light of recent occurrences a discussion on the way forward must be had.

Dr. Campbell and others within the group include several who backed Central Manchester MP Peter Bunting in his Rise United challenge against Dr. Peter Phillips for leadership of the PNP.

Veteran politician, Senator KD Knight, who backed Dr. Phillips during the same challenge, says the move by this group can be interpreted as a push against the Opposition Leader.

But, Dr. Campbell says this call for a meeting is well within the right of MPs.

Dr. Campbell says he hopes to have frank discussions with Dr. Phillips.

However, he refuses to say whether a possible removal of the party leader could be on the horizon.

The North West St. Ann MP says the situation on the ground has changed since the last challenge to Dr. Phillips’ leadership.