The St. Catherine North Police have arrested three people allegedly aligned with a break-away faction of a major gang in the St. Catherine North Division.

The arrests have come following a recent flare up of violence in the Division.

Among those in custody is a teenager who is understood to be one of the leaders of the Bed Bugs Gang.

The Bed Bugs Gang is allegedly a break-away faction of the Klansman Gang.

It’s understood the 16 year-old is a relative of a former Don in Spanish Town who was gunned down several years ago.

In a statement today, the Police say a series of technology and intelligence-driven operations were conducted in Rivoli, Windsor Road and other nearby communities.

The alleged Bed Bugs Gang leader was arrested about 4:15 yesterday afternoon during, a joint Police-Military Operation launched in the El Prado Vista community in Spanish Town.

Two other alleged members of the Bed Bugs Gang were arrested on gun related charges.

18-year-old Shanard Allen, otherwise called ‘21’ was taken into custody following the seizure of a Strum Ruger pistol and 14 rounds of ammunition on Wednesday.

And on February 10, the police arrested 23-year-old Music Producer, Damelle Edwards, otherwise called ‘Bash’, or ‘Dee’, from Windsor Road, after he was held with a 9mm pistol and 15 rounds of ammunition.

Police sources indicate the Bed Bugs Gang and remnants of what was the One Order Gang have been at odds in recent weeks.

It’s understood tensions between the gangs have resulted in a number of shootings and murders in Spanish Town in recent days.

Three people were killed and two others including a one year-old baby were shot an injured in the Division in separate incidents, on Sunday.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has made strides in dismantling the Klansman Gang.

The reputed leader of the gang, Tesha Miller, was sentenced to 38 years in prison last year after being found guilty of being an accessory before and after the fact in connection to the murder of former Jamaica Urban Transit Company, JUTC, Chairman Douglas Chambers.

The reputed leader of a break away faction of the Klansman Gang, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan and more than 50 of his alleged cronies are set to go to trial for breaches of the Anti-Gang Legislation later this year.

The alleged Blackman-led faction is reputedly called the One Don Gang.