Almost 20,000 more men have joined the labour force in April 2019 when compared to April the previous year.

That’s according to the latest statistics released by the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.

This has contributed to Jamaica recording it’s lowest ever unemployment figure of 7.8%, eclipsing the previous record low of 8% recorded in January.

The Wholesale and Retail industry continues to be one of the nation’s biggest employers.

Marjorie Gordon reports.

Director General of STATIN, Carol Coy, says almost 30,000 people have joined the labour force since April last year.

Ms. Coy says the number of employed men has increased by 18,200 and the number of employed females by 11,700.

There was an increase of more than 18,000 workers in the occupation group, Service Workers — the biggest increase when compared to April 2018.

According to Ms. Coy, unemployment dipped by almost 26,000 people.

According to the latest figures wholesale and retail and repair of motor vehicle and equipment are the top employers.

More than 235,000 people are in the industry.

Meanwhile, June’s inflation dipped to negative 0.1%.

Ms. Coy says this movement was largely due to a 1.2% fall in the index for housing, water electricity and gas.

The overall inflation rate for 2019 is 4.2%.