It’s now been confirmed that there were two incidents of joggers being attacked by would be robbers in upper St. Andrew yesterday morning.

Nationwide News has confirmed that two joggers were robbed yesterday morning only minutes after a group of seven runners in a nearby section of upper St. Andrew had to flee robbers in a white probox car.

The second incident happened on East Kings House road in St. Andrew.

The first incident was on Salisbury Road in Barbican. That’s no more than a mile or two away from the second incident.

The earlier incident resulted in one of the joggers being injured when the group fled as they were pursued shortly before 6 a.m.

Meanwhile, one of the joggers who was robbed in the second incident, told Nationwide News of his disappointment with the Police failure to act.

Tauna Thomas reports.

The two men during their early morning jogging routine were chased by gunmen who alighted from a probox motor car.

One of the victims, who we’ll call Mark, says his friend who was ahead of him was robbed first.

Mark says a number of residents and other joggers who saw what happened were terrified.

A report was made to the Matilda’s Corner Police station.

Mark says while there, they were able to track his friend’s cell phone to Allman Town in the Kingston Central Police division.

However he says the Matilda’s Corner Police told them the area was outside of their jurisdiction.

The joggers eventually made a report to the Kingston Central Police station.

Mark says this reflects badly on the society that the lives of early morning joggers are at risk, because they’ve chosen to practice a healthy lifestyle.