Almost 98-per cent of Jamaicans believe the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic is greatly affecting their lives.

That’s according to a study conducted by the University of the West Indies, UWI, Mona on the socio-demographic correlation of the symptoms of depression and anxiety among Jamaicans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Head of Community Health and Psychiatry at the UWI Mona, Professor Wendel Abel, says 4-hundred and 85 persons aged 18 years and older, who reside in Jamaica, participated in the study.

Professor Abel says in his own practice he has noticed a significant spike in the number of persons dealing with depression.

He explains that anxiety associated with the prevailing pandemic has triggered mental health issues for many people.

Professor Abel says the surge in COVID-19 cases has created an environment of depression and anxiety among Jamaicans.

He also sought to outline the behavioural patterns of the persons who participated in the survey.

Professor Wendel Abel, Head of Community Health and Psychiatry at the UWI, Mona and Member of the UWI COVID Task Force.