Finance Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke, says the government’s allocation of $4.6 billion dollars to construct a new toll road will create hundreds of jobs.

The Finance Minister says the move is also designed to send a positive signal to economic stakeholders.

The Finance Minister also says the government has budgeted funds to assist persons who’ve lost their jobs.

Dr Nigel Clarke, Finance Minister, addressing the House of Representatives yesterday.

In the meantime, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding, says the government should increase the funds budgeted for its CARE programme.

He says many people are facing dire financial strain as a result of the pandemic.

Mr Golding also raised this issue.

He’s also calling for more assistance for children during the back to school period.

Mr Golding notes the government assistance to students on the PATH programme.

But, he says many students who are not on that programme are on the brink of poverty and are in desperate need.

Mark Golding, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, addressing the House of Representatives yesterday.