Starting Monday June 20, persons wishing to obtain a spirit licence from the parish courts to sell or distribute alcoholic beverages will be able to apply online.

The announcement was made by Chief Judge of the Parish Courts, Chester Crooks, during a Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Court National Public Education Day at the Half Way Tree court house yesterday.

Currently, applicants are required to go to the courts to submit an application for a spirit licence and attend a session before being advised of the outcome of their applications.

However, Mr. Crooks says when the online process takes effect persons will be able to complete the application from the parish court’s website.

He noted that persons will be informed of the outcome of their applications by email.

Judge Crooks says the administrative arm of the Judiciary has embarked on a public education programme to sensitise Jamaicans about the new application process.

He also reminded owners and operators of these establishments that it’s an offence to sell alcoholic beverages without a spirit licence.