Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, Adley Duncan says prosecutors use their right to object to bail in rare circumstances.

His comments come amid statements made by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes that present laws are sufficient to address concerns about certain categories of accused persons being granted bail amid a brewing change in the legislation.

Members of the law enforcement community have complained that judges are granting bail to persons charged with serious offences, who then go on to commit other serious crimes.

But Chief Justice Sykes says prosecutors can stop a person who they believe to be a threat to the society from being granted bail.

Mr. Duncan says the practice among prosecutors is rare.

He explained that prosecutors rarely use this right because judges are not usually perverse in their grants of bail.

Mr Duncan explained that while this is the case he appreciates that the police may have a different perspective.

He was speaking during Nationwide at Five Thursday evening with Cliff Hughes and Rodney Campbell.