Some stakeholders are calling out some churches for what they say is the role they play in sustaining gender-based violence.

Their call comes as the nation is again outraged by the two latest incidents of murder spawned by intimate partner violence.

The incidents happened hours apart on the weekend.

Director of WMWJ formally Women’s Media Watch, Judith Wedderburn and Dr Herbert Gayle were addressing the issue on Tuesday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5.

Ms Wedderburn says she’s experienced cases in which powerful Church men are excused by their organisations when they abuse their wives.

She’s also calling for more safe places where battered women can seek refuge.

Dr Gayle says the Church should be pressured to do more to help battered women.

He’s also concerned about the response of the society, including policymakers, to gender-based violence.

Dr Gayle says if interventions are to be successful, greater focus should be placed on the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Counseling Psychologist at The Phoenix Counselling Centre, Dr Patrece Charles, says perpetrators of gender-based violence should also receive counselling.

And, she also wants parents to be more proactive in educating their children from an early age about discerning the signs of an abusive relationship.

Dr Patrece Charles, Counselling Psychologist at The Phoenix Counselling Centre, speaking on Tuesday’s edition of Nationwide @ 5.