Four people are dead, including two women, following a home invasion in Havannah Heights, Clarendon on Sunday morning.

Reports are one of the men was dragged from the house and killed execution style by unknown assailants.

Dead are 33-year-old Tashawna Whyte, 25-year-old Sherona Whyte, 19-year-old Luke Newman and 27-year-old Michael Salmon.

All four are from Havannah Heights, in Denbigh, Clarendon.

Police sources indicate Salmon may have been the target of the home invasion.

Reports are around 12:10 on Sunday morning, armed men kicked open the front door of the residence where all four were present.

Police sources indicate the criminals dragged Salmon from the house where they opened gun fire at him.

Reports are the criminals then returned to the house where they opened fire on Tashawna, Sherona and Luke.

The police say all four were taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

According to the police, they are yet to establish a motive for the quadruple murder, but sources indicate the massacre could be the latest in a line of killings linked to lottery scamming.

The police say investigations into the killing is ongoing.