Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, is calling for a Commission of Enquiry into the Education Ministry.

He made the call at an anti-corruption vigil hosted by the PNP in Halfway Tree early this morning.

It’s the first in a series of protests the party is planning across the island in the coming weeks.

Opposition Senator KD Knight, Opposition Spokesman on Energy Phillip Pauwell, Education Spokesman, Reverend Ronald Thwaites and PNP Vice President Damion Crawford were among those who attended.

Tauna Thomas was on location and files this report.

The large crowd of PNP officials and supporters converged in the Nelson Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, sending a message that more action is needed in relation to the deepening corruption scandals within the Andrew Holness administration.

They all came out in support of Party Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, who was immediately flocked by supporters when he arrived at about 8:40.

The vigil started at 7:00 this morning with supporters trickling in.

By 7:30 the handful of supporters had multiplied.

Over a thousand people were on location with placards in hand.

One placard read “Maybe mi fi become helper”.

Another said “A nation in crisis. Everyday, A new scandal.”

Mr. Pauwell was among the officials who rallied with supporters and chanted in the early morning sun.

PNP elder, KD Knight, shared a similar sentiment of frustration and dissatisfaction with the government.

He argues that the gathering is a representation of how most Jamaicans feel.

The Opposition Leader later endorsed the messages of his party officials.

Dr. Phillips also made the call for a Commission of Enquiry into the Education Ministry.

And, he criticised the Integrity Commission’s handling of investigations.