Nationwide understands at least one of the three JCF Constables nabbed by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, for drug related offences had taken sick leave and used the opportunity to travel overseas.

It has not been confirmed if the other two rank and file members based in St. James were on sick leave or on duty when they made the trip to the US.

The three Constables- two men and a woman have been charged with drug related offences.

While the official charges are not yet known, the three police personnel were reportedly caught with cocaine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Charged are Constables Dremar Graham, Trevonne Davidson and Woman Constable Shermaine Latoya Gooden.

A fourth female Constable has been released.

It’s understood she’s the wife of one of the police personnel who has been held by ICE.

The female Constable who was released is reportedly attached to the JCF’s Centre for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse, CISOCA, in St. James.

It’s alleged that the female Constable was released and flown back to Jamaica.

Senior Police sources who spoke with Nationwide News were unwilling to confirm if the Woman Constable was back on the island.

The JCF yesterday confirmed that their members were detained following a joint narcotics operation between the JCF and its international partners.

The senior Police source who spoke with Nationwide News confirmed that the joint operation would have included intelligence sharing.

However Nationwide was told that there’re other matters to consider which means they have to be very careful with what is said about the JCF’s role in the investigations at this time.