Chevon Campbelll has that story.

The attorneys representing the five detainees under the States of Public Emergency are defending their statements that a Supreme Court Judge declared the detentions as unconstitutional.

There’s some concern that Attorney’s Isat Buchanan and John Clarke misled the country in making the declaration ahead of Justice Bertram Morrison’s written ruling.

However, Mr. Clarke speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon is standing by his comments.

Mr. Clarke says those who suggest the he misled the country are misinformed.

The Court has issued writs of Habeas Corpus asking for the five detained men to be brought before it on Monday.

However, the writs themselves do no speak to the constitutionality of the detentions.

But, Mr. Clarke says the issuing of the writs themselves based on the legal arguments proffered are proof that Justice Morrison sided with them.

He says the court does not act in vain and would not call for the men if it had sided with the government.

Mr. Clarke says its the duty of all to respect the law.

He says on Monday he fully expects the men to be freed.

Supreme Court’s Statement on Constitutionality of Detained Men

Meanwhile, Director of Client Services Communication and Information in the Court Administration Division, Kadiesh Jarrett-Fletcher, has issued a statement on the matter of the constitutionality of five men detained under the States of Public Emergency.

She says all that has happened at this stage is that the Judge has indicated he has heard sufficient information to cause him to have a further enquiry into the matter.

In a statement to Nationwide News she says this is why a hearing date for next week when the persons are to be brought has been scheduled.

She says at that hearing both sides will have the opportunity to present their case and at that point the presiding Judge will make a determination as to how best to dispose of the matter whether by bail or remand.