Auditor General, Pamela Munroe Ellis, says she’ll not comment at this time on whether eight current and former members of parliament have received the all clear from Integrity Commission in relation to their 2017 integrity filings.

Mrs. Munroe Ellis outlined why clearance has not been given to the eight.

Pamela Munroe Ellis, Auditor General and Member of the Integrity Commission.

Mrs. Munroe Ellis was addressing the Integrity Commission media conference today.

In its 2017 annual report to Parliament, the Commission identified Prime Minister Andrew Holness and State Minister, Zavia Mayne as among the current parliamentarians whose declarations were examined but not cleared.

Government MP, Leslie Campbell along with Opposition MPs, Luther Buchanan and Ian Hayles were also included on the list.

So too ex-Education Minister, Ruel Reid and former Opposition MPs, Arnaldo Brown and Keith Walford.