Neika Lewis reports

The Jamaican Bar Association says it’s happy with a Court of Appeal ruling today that an amendment made to the Proceeds of Crime Act in 2013 is unconstitutional.

The amendment sought to pave the way for attorneys to disclose possible suspicious source of funds from their clients.

President of the Jamaican Bar Association, Emile Leiba, told Nationwide News that the Court of Appeal upheld the appeal in part and have struck down aspects of the Proceeds of Crime Act, POCA.

Mr Leiba says the association’s celebrating the ruling despite the Court denying sections of the appeal.

He notes attorneys will no longer be burdened by the law to share client’s confidences and reasons with the authorities.

The amendment to the POCA was made seven years ago under the then Portia Simpson Miller administration.

The canons which govern the legal profession were later amended to reflect the obligation which was placed on attorneys.

The amendment to the POCA were passed further to the international Financial Action Task Force recommending that Jamaica take strong action to counter money laundering.