Marjorie Gordon reports.

The Police say they believe they’ve landed another major blow against the one of the country’s most notorious gangs.

Ten people accused of being connected to the St James-based Downtown Sparta Gang were taken into custody last night during multiple coordinated operations across the Corporate Area.

One of St. James’s most reputed killers is among the ten detained.

The operations comes following the recent arrest of Dancehall Entertainer, Tommy Lee Sparta.

The Police say among the 10 people accused of being connected to the downtown Sparta Gang who are in custody this afternoon is Christopher Boyd.

Boyd is otherwise known as Plank. He’s accused of being one of St. James’ most ruthless gangsters.

He was arrested today at a hotel in St. Andrew.

Boyd has been on the run for several years.

He was wanted for a brazen murder in the vicinity of the Sangster International Airport in 2018 which is believed to have helped to trigger the calling of a State of Public Emergency in St. James.

During that incident Desmond Clarke otherwise known as ‘Dangles’ was shot dead and Andre Hall otherwise known as ‘Beenie’, was wounded.

That murder took place while Boyd was on the run in connection with a 2017 double murder in Flanker.

SSP Lindsay has confirmed that Boyd has been implicated in several murders.

Boyd had served five years in custody but was released in 2016.

The Police say an eighteen year old female of a Flanker address, who was held in the company of Boyd, remains in custody.

In the meantime…a statement from the Police says in addition to Boyd and the 18-year old woman, 8-alleged members of the Sparta Gang were also taken into custody last night.

Among those detained, is Lennox McLeod otherwise known as ‘Rus Eye’, who is of a Flanker address.

He’s wanted for a 2016 case of Wounding With Intent.

The 8-men were detained at an upscale apartment complex in the St. Andrew North Police Division.

It’s believed the men are among gangsters who’ve rented upscale complexes in St. Andrew in order to escape the St. James State of Public Emergency.

The Police say the operation during which the men were nabbed was conducted a week after they escorted dancehall entertainer, Tommy Lee Sparta, from St. James to the Corporate Area.

Several apartment complexes were searched in Lee’s presence.

The Police are alleging that Lee is the leader of the Sparta Gang.
However, the Entertainer denies the allegation.

He remains in custody under the St. James State of Public Emergency.

Investigations Continue Into Sparta Gang

In the meantime, the Police say investigations continue into the activities of the Sparta Gang.

A statement this afternoon from the High Command, commended the various teams which participated in the coordinated operations to nab the alleged gangsters who were reportedly hiding out in the Corporate Area.

The High Command says teams from St James, St Andrew Central, St Andrew North, Special Operations, C-TOC and the JDF are to be commended for their professionalism and resolute approach.

The Police noted that all of the coordinated operations ended without any violent confrontation.

Shortly before he was taken into custody, one of the alleged Sparta Gangsters created a social media video and claimed that he was about to be mistreated by the Police.

SSP Lindsay says the video is mischievous.

SSP Stephanie Lindsay, Head of the Constabulary’s Corporate Communications Unit.