The Bank of Jamaica, BOJ, says unscrupulous persons pretending to be their representatives are trying to scam the public.

In a statement on its website, the central bank says scammers have been contacting individuals via email with claims of funds being held by the BOJ on their behalf for collection.

The scammers have also provided documentation, purportedly coming from the Bank, in support of the existence of these funds.

The BOJ says Central Banks are bankers only for banks and governments.

It’s advising the public that as the central bank of Jamaica, it has no dealings with or involvement in holding funds on behalf of any individual member of the public.

The BOJ says it will not be responsible for any legal or other consequences that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of anyone’s reliance on such notification in any attempt to collect these funds.

It says members of the public are strongly advised to disregard any such notification and instead notify the police.