A Poll conducted by Bill Johnson for Dr. Phillips’ One PNP Campaign suggests that Dr. Phillips has a better chance of taking on Prime Minister Holness than his challenger, Mr. Bunting.

According to Johnson’s Poll, Dr. Phillips as of August 4, is in a statistical dead heat with Prime Minister Holness.

The Poll also shows Bunting would lose a contest against Mr. Holness in a General Elections.

Within hours of PNP Presidential Hopeful Peter Bunting, releasing the findings of a Don Anderson Poll favouring him significantly, supporters of incumbent President Dr. Peter Phillips released poll findings contesting those results.

According to the One PNP Campaign team, respondents have Prime Minister Holness at 34% nationally compared to Dr. Peter Phillips at 32%.

That’s a two percentage point difference within the margin of error of three points.

However, Johnson’s Poll was far less favourable of Mr. Bunting.

According to the poll, respondents have Peter Bunting down by nine percentage points at 27% compared to Prime Minister Holness at 36%.

Sources suggest the closing of the gap between Dr. Phillips and Prime Minister Holness is as a result of corruption scandals rocking the JLP administration.

The poll which surveyed 1000 respondents was conducted between August 2 and August 4.

Meanwhile, in a statement this afternoon, the One PNP Campaign says the polling date provided by Bunting’s Rise United team is incomprehensible and garbled.

Campaign Chairman, Queen’s Counsel, Senator KD Knight says the information was designed to confuse the public and Party delegates in particular.

Senator Knight says in none of the answers provided to the questions did they account for 100% of the sample size giving the distinct impression the numbers were being selectively presented.

The Phillips campaign team says it recognizes the right of Bunting’s campaign unit to release the figures.

But, according to Mr. Knight, the figures released today were convenient and misleading.