The governing Jamaica Labour Party, JLP, is enjoying a 12-point lead in Northern Clarendon according to a Bluedot poll commissioned by a group of so-called Friends of the JLP.

Northern Clarendon is one of the 20 marginal constituencies in which the looming general elections will be won or lost.

According to the findings of the Bluedot poll, when asked, if an election were on today, which of the two major political parties would you vote for?

56-per cent of the respondents said the JLP while 44-per cent said the PNP.

However, in a head to head match up among the candidates, the JLP’s 12-point lead is chopped to only 4-points.

The incumbent Member of Parliament, Horace Dalley, was chosen by 48-per cent of respondents while the JLP’s candidate, Dwight Sibbles was preferred by 52-per cent.

Northern Clarendon is considered a marginal and competitive seat that could go either way when its voters go to the polls either later this year or early in 2021.

Mr. Dalley won the seat in 2016 by only 732 votes. He’s a 6-term MP and former Cabinet Minister.

Horace Dalley first won Northern Clarendon in 1989. He held it until 2007 when he lost it to the JLP’s Lawrence Broderick.

However, he regained it in 2011.

He’s up against the JLP’s Dwight Sibblies, a newcomer to politics.

Sibblies is a chartered accountant and attorney-at-law.

The Blue dot pollsters interviewed 400 electors in Northern Clarendon last week.
It has a margin of error of plus or minus 5-per cent.