The Member of Parliament for North West Manchester, Mikael Phillips, is defending what he says is the People’s National Party, PNP’s record on fighting corruption in the public sector.

Phillips is on the defensive, days after he said ‘it was sad to hear people saying the party should not speak out against corruption because of its own past scandals.’

He later offered what some interpreted to be a conditional apology after he said the PNP was sorry ‘if wrong was done in the past.’

His comments generated swift reactions with social media users saying he wasn’t remorseful.

But he says he was offering a ‘fulsome apology’ for the corruption scandals that plagued the PNP in the past.

He says the PNP is within its right to comment on corruption since no Government Minister from the party has ever been prosecuted.

He says any one with proof of the the party’s involvement in corruption should come forward.

Mikael Phillips, Opposition Member of Parliament.

Meanwhile, People’s National Party Vice President, Wykeham Mcneil says corruption is a danger to the country regardless of which party is governing.

Dr. Wykeham Mcneil, PNP Vice President.