Kingston’s Mayor, Dr. Angela Brown-Burke, says she stands by her statement that the ongoing operations of the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA, at parish councils across the island is political.

MOCA previously arrested two people at the Manchester Parish Council on corruption charges.

A third person was arrested today.

MOCA has raided the offices of several parish councils over the past six weeks.

Among the councils raided are St. Catherine, Manchester, and Clarendon. They’ve seized several documents and computers.

Three people attached to the Manchester Council have now been arrested.

The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and Portmore Municipal Authority were also visited.

Local Government Minister, Desmond Mckenzie, ordered an Audit into the activities of all Parish Councils in June.

Dr. Brown-Burke has suggested that the the approach taken seems to be a deliberate attempt to present the local authorities as corrupt.

In a letter she reminded the Local Government Minister, that he cannot seek to tear down the local structure for narrow political gains.

President of the young professional arm of the governing JLP, G2K, called for Mayor Brown Burke to withdraw her comments.

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But Dr. Brown Burke is holding firm. She says the perception pointed heavily to a political motivation.

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However, she says MOCA officials have seemingly changed their approach and might have previously been caught up in a tide of political fervor.

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