Member of Parliament for South West St Andrew, Dr Angela Brown Burke, is hitting back at those she says have accused her of supporting Peter Bunting’s campaign, out of a need for vengeance.

Dr Brown Burke is the Director of Mr Bunting’s Rise United Campaign.

Since publicly declaring support for Mr Bunting, Dr Brown Burke’s husband former PNP General Secretary, Paul Burke, has accused her of deceiving him.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

Dr Brown Burke says she’s faced much criticism for supporting Mr Bunting’s bid to topple Dr Phillips presidency.

She says some say she was bitter due to her Vice President election loss, last year.

She says based on consultations with her constituents, a majority of them support Mr Bunting’s bid to become party president.

She says herself and Mr Bunting had never been cordial, but they are now building a friendship.

Dr Brown Burke is also suggesting that the party leadership is seeking to hinder the Rise United campaign from spreading its message.

She’s also warning delegates against those who are seeking to buy votes and intimidate people.