South West St. Andrew MP, the PNP’s Dr. Angela Brown Burke, is dismissing what she says are lies being spread by some comrades that Peter Bunting, does not believe in the party’s people-centric ideology.

Dr. Brown Burke’s recent endorsement of Bunting’s Rise United campaign has sent ripples through sections of the PNP and drawn the ire of her husband, Paul Burke.

In what was interpreted by some comrades as a swipe at Peter Bunting – PNP Vice President, Damion Crawford, recently told delegates that one of the reasons Dr. Phillips should be returned as PNP President is that he has the people’s interest at heart.

While another PNP Vice President, Mikhael Phillips, last week questioned Mr. Bunting’s appreciation of the party’s socialist ideals.

With less than 3-weeks to go before decision day in the PNP leadership race – Dr. Angela Brown Burke traveled last night to Dr. Dayton Campbell’s constituency conference in Brown’s Town St. Ann and defended Mr. Bunting.

Dr. Brown Burke told the constituency conference that she’s not supporting Mr. Bunting because he’s her friend.

Dr. Brown Burke says Mr. Bunting should be credited for making comrades believe again in the possibility of victory when Prime Minister Holness calls the next General Election.