South West St. Andrew Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Dr. Angela Brown Burke, says she’ll declare who she’s supporting to lead the 81-year old party into the next General Election after she’s finished consultations with her constituency leaders and delegates.

Dr. Brown Burke is a former Vice President of the PNP.

Who Dr. Brown Burke is supporting in the Bunting versus Phillips leadership race is being closely watched given that South West St. Andrew is considered to be a delegate rich constituency in the PNP’s powerful region three.

In a Facebook post this week, Dr. Brown Burke said she has promised her constituency leaders and delegates to have discussion with them before going public.

Dr. Brown Burke says discussion has already begun and she applauds comrades who have shown respect for the process.

The former PNP Vice President says she has moved to clear the air because there are people who’ve been attempting to place her in either the Bunting or Phillips camp.

Dr. Brown Burke also took a jab at some comrades who she says have been lashing out at her for not yet declaring whether she’ll be supporting Peter Phillips or Peter Bunting in the election which is to be decided on September 7.

The South West St. Andrew MP commented – “to all the campaigners: if you think someone is on the fence, cussing them is not going to win you any vote. It may well serve to push us to the other side.”

Dr. Brown Burke says she could easily find valid reasons to support either of the two Peters.

The South West St. Andrew MP says when she makes a decision it’ll be in the interest of the PNP.