Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding, this morning testified at the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry, that he was shocked when he heard that Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke was allegedly tipped off about the the US extradition request in 2009.

Mr. Golding says he learnt about it in a May 2010 television interview, given by then Police Commissioner, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin.

Mr. Golding says he discussed it with then Minister of National Security, Dwight Nelson.

He says he considered it a very serious allegation that demanded an investigation.

Mr. Golding noted that, to date, there’s been no evidence to corroborate the claim that Coke was tipped off.

He denied a suggestion by attorney for the Office of the Public Defender, Lord Anthony Gifford that only he, Mr. Nelson, Rear Admiral Lewin and Major General Saunders would’ve known of the pending request.

He says a senior Prosecutor in the DPP’s Office, Jeremy Taylor, testified at the 2011 Manatt Enquiry that the United States contacted him about the request before the alleged tip off.