Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Peter Bunting, is demanding that Minister Robert Montague immediately inform the public about the status of the Firearm Licensing Authority, FLA.

The Authority was ordered to suspend the processing of applications for seven days by Minister Montague, after the Major Organized Crime and Anti Corruption Agency, MOCA, launched a probe into its issuance of gun licenses.

That period expired on August 10.

The FLA board resigned amid public pressure over a scandal that erupted over its issuing of gun licenses. But in a statement today, Mr. Bunting says the PNP is extremely concerned that no new board has been named by the Minister to direct the affairs of the Authority.

He says this is fueling speculation that the CEO, Shane Dalling, has “morphed” himself into a one-man board and CEO, directly reporting to the Minister in contravention of the FLA Act.

The Old Hope Road offices of the FLA were raided last week by MOCA who seized and copied the contents of several computers.

Mr. Bunting sees the raid as a clear escalation of the crisis requiring what he calls clean hands to handle.

He says the PNP is concerned that despite its repeated calls for the removal of Mr. Dalling–a known JLP Activist and former Councilor– he remains CEO of the FLA.

Mr. Bunting is reiterating calls that Mr. Dalling be immediately removed.

Meanwhile, FLA CEO, Shane Dalling, told our news centre today that the FLA has already resumed processing licenses.

However, Mr. Dalling refused to answer questions on the constitution of a new board, directing all such questions to the Minister.

Several calls to the Minister’s phone have gone unanswered.