National Security Minister, Robert Montague, is to meet with the Police Federation to discuss growing concerns over amendments to sections of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Act.

The Act was recently amended to require members of the force to give six months’ notice of their intention to resign.

If this is not done, officers will face a fine $250,000 up from twenty or imprisonment.

The Police Federation has come out against the amendments and retained legal counsel to represent their interest.

In a statement today, Minister Montague says he notes the concerns raised.

He says he’ll be meeting with the Police Federation tomorrow to discuss their concerns. But he notes that even before the amendments, the six-month notice period required before resigning was already present in the Act.

He says as far back as 2010, based on the recommendations of the 2008 JCF Strategic Review, a decision was made to modernize the Constabulary Force and its legislative framework.

Minister Montague says this resulted in a series of consultations with key stakeholders including the now defunct Island Special Constabulary Force and the Police Federation.

However, he concedes that the consultation process in relation to the changes may not have been extensive enough.