People’s National Party, PNP, President, Dr. Peter Phillips, has appointed former PNP Presidential hopeful, Peter Bunting and PNP Vice President, Phillip Paulwell, co director of the party’s election campaign.

The announcement was made in a statement over the weekend.

Dr. Phillips says the party is focusing its combined efforts on winning the next general election expected later this year.

He says having announced that all 63 candidates are election-ready; the PNP is highly motivated and united for a better Jamaica.

The PNP President says both Paulwell and Bunting will be responsible for directing all aspects of the election campaign and will direct a savvy campaign by consolidating the diverse energies and talents of the PNP.

Effective today Bunting will also assume the role of Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives.

The PNP says he replaces Dr. Morais Guy who has asked to be relieved of this duty in order to focus on the campaign as chairman of Region 2 and Opposition Spokesman on Health.

Dr Phillips also indicated that Lisa Hanna has been appointed Chief Campaign Spokesperson for the election.

The Party president says he’s expressing confidence that with the new appointees, added to the team of campaign workers, the Party is assured victory to reinstate good governance across all sectors.