There’s confirmation Mr. Bunting will reject a move by the Peter Phillips camp to hold an early delegates conference to decide who should lead the PNP into the next General Elections.

Nationwide News understands that some members of the PNP executive who support Dr. Peter Phillips are pushing for the special delegates conference to be held on Saturday July 27 this year.

But, a member of Mr. Bunting’s campaign team, Dr. Dayton Campbell, is confirming that Bunting is rejecting the proposal.

Dr. Campbell is also the Member of Parliament for North West St. Ann.

He says he has no issue with Dr. Phillips.

But Dr. Campbell says the current PNP President does not appear to be in a position to lead the PNP to victory at the next General Elections.

Dr. Campbell says he feels duty bound to play a critical role in the Bunting camp.

Dr. Dayton Campbell, speaking on Wednesday with Nationwide News.