A businesswoman who was accused of murdering a man at the Constant Spring Arcade, in Half-Way Tree in September 2016 has been freed.

Forty-seven year old Karlene Spencer was freed after submissions were made by her Attorneys.

She’s was accused of using an object to kill a man known as Barrington Walton.

Miss Spencer had alleged that she was attacked by Mr. Walton and acted in self defense.

However three alleged eye witnesses disputed her account of the incident and gave statement to the Police which suggested that Mr. Walton’s killing was not justified.

Spencers Attorneys, Peter Champagnie QC and Samoi Campbell revealed in Court that since the incident one of the alleged witnesses attempted to extort Ms. Spencer for $5,000 and has since been arrested and charged.

The Attorneys also disclosed that the second witness was an outpatient at the Bellevue Hospital, at the time he claimed to have seen the incident transpire.

The attorneys say his condition has since worsened.

The Defence Attorneys the third witness had lied about her real name.

The attorneys say the witness did so to escape being identified by the Police as a someone being sought in connection with another criminal investigation.

Ms. Spencer was subsequently freed after the third witness was discredited.