Information Minister, Ruel Reid, says some Ministers who’ve had phone bills in excess of the new $40,000 per month limit may be asked to make some repayment.

Minister Reid made the disclosure shortly after he revealed today that Cabinet has approved a recommendation for an interim cap on the mobile telephone bills of all government Ministers.

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Senator Reid was asked whether the cap is to be applied retroactively.

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The cap is interim because a review of the mobile bills of Ministers is still being carried by the Finance Ministry.

The review follows a directive from Prime Minister Andrew Holness. It also follows disclosure weeks ago that Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, has racked up an $8-million phone bill over a year.

Amid public outrage, Prime Minister Holness said it was ‘unacceptable’, adding that the criticisms of his Finance Minister were ‘valid’.

Mr. Shaw says he’s paid back over $2-million of the sum. He said the charges were largely attributed to data roaming.