A lawyer representing former Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron has given the current Cricket West Indies administration 48 hours in which to make available to them a copy of an Audited report that was done on behalf of the board last year.

After Cameron demitted office the new Ricky Skerritt led board commissioned PKF consultancy to look at the board’s finances and to submit recommendations.

However, the report which was handed to the board in December last year, also found it’s way into the public’s domain and called out the former president on several items including an honorarium, monies sent by the Indian board reportedly for past players and sponsorship money intended for the Dominican Board which found it’s way directly to Cricket West Indies.

But top Attorney Tony Astaphan says it is unfair for his client’s credibility to be called into question via without him even having a chance to see it and to defend himself.

Former West Indies pacer now commentator Michael Holding was the person who brought aspects of the report into the public appearing on youtube during an interview last Friday.

Holding says he has more details of the 60-page report to reveal, but Astaphan appeared to have warned the former Jamaican player against proceeding any further.

That’s Tony Astaphan, Attorney for former Cricket West Indies President Dave Cameron