Opposition MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell, raised eyebrows at a PNP mass meeting on Sunday when he suggested that people interested in taking over Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield’s East Portland seat murdered the MP.

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A 21 year old man, Simeon Sutherland, remains in police custody this afternoon in connection with Dr. Bloomfield’s murder. Sutherland was charged on Friday with the murder of Dr. Bloomfield. Sutherland has given a statement to the police and indicated that he had a close relationship with Dr. Bloomfield.

Dr. Bloomfield’s body was found at his house in Passley Gardens in Portland last month with 20-stab wounds.

While addressing the PNP mass rally on Sunday, Dr. Campbell warned Daryl Vaz to watch out because his majority in his West Portland constituency, was smaller than that Dr. Bloomfield.

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When contacted this afternoon, Mr. Vaz declined to comment on Dr. Campbell’s remarks on the political platform on Sunday.

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