The battle is formally on for the Presidency of the 81-year-old opposition People’s National Party.

Amidst much fanfare this morning, 58-year-old Peter Bunting and 69-year-old Dr. Peter Phillips, were both nominated for the post.

They were nominated at the PNP’s Old Hope Road Headquarters in St. Andrew.

Mr. Bunting was nominated at approximately 9:40 this morning

Abka Fitz-Henley was there.

Backed by a bumper crowd of jubilant supporters, a confident Bunting walked from Stadium East to the PNP’s head office to submit his nomination papers.

He was flanked by a number of prominent PNP members, including Robert Pickersgill, Luther Buchanan, Ian Hayles, Kari Douglas, Dean Peart, Colin Fagan, and Granville Valentine.

Bunting was met at the door of the PNP headquarters and led inside the building by members of the party’s officer corps, including the man in charge of the secretariat, Julian Robinson.

Bunting is seeking to become the first man in the history of Jamaica’s politics to successfully mount a leadership challenge in either of the country’s two major political parties.

After completing the nomination process, the Central Manchester MP spoke to the media.

Bunting then exited the PNP Headquarters and addressed the massive gathered outside.

He was introduced by his campaign manager, Dr. Dayton Campbell.

The Central Manchester MP told his audience that he’s touched by their support.