The Caribbean Policy Research Institute, CaPRI, has endorsed the government’s budget for the current fiscal year.

Executive Director of CaPRI, Dr. Damien King, described the spending priorities for the year as both credible and fiscally sustainable.

Topping just over one trillion dollars, the budget represents the highest projected spend of any government to date, both in real and nominal terms.

Dr. King says the budget as outlined is both credible and realistic.

Of particular note, the economist points to the significant reduction in debt payments as a portion of budgetary expenditure.

This year, Jamaica’s debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to fall to 74 per cent, far removed from the days when the country’s liabilities outstripped its output.

Dr. King was also upbeat about the country’s return to significant capital expenditure.

Dr. Damien King, Executive Director of Caribbean Policy Research Institute, CaPRI.

CaPRi’s assessment of the budget was shared with the public Wednesday evening during a roundtable discussion.