The Caribbean Media Corporation the CMC is reporting that the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ has dismissed a case filed against Belize and Trinidad and Tobago by Jamaican Gay activist Maurice Tomlinson.

Mr. Tomlinson had brought a case regarding circumstances concerning his entry into both countries.

Tomlinson is an attorney at law.

He had alleged that he has been prejudiced in the enjoyment of his right as a CARICOM national to enter Belize and Trinidad and Tobago without hassle.

Tomlinson conceded that he was never refused entry into Belize or Trinidad and Tobago.

But he contended that the Immigration Acts in both countries, which purportedly include homosexuals as a class of persons prohibited from entering these territories – should be rejected by the CCJ.

Tomlinson argued that the mere existence of the statutory provisions prevented him from entering both countries since, in so doing, he would be breaking their domestic laws.

He told the CCJ that his rights as a CARICOM national would be prejudiced in contravention of his right to free movement under Article 45 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

According to CMC – Mr. Tomlinson’s case was dismissed by the CCJ today.

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