The Child Development Agency, CDA, is to conduct a series of community intervention activities in Waterhouse, West St. Andrew.

The interventions are geared at raising awareness about child sexual abuse.

News of the CDA’s plans follows yesterday Sunday Gleaner report highlighting widespread sexual assault of young girls in the community, with their parents being aware and in some cases facilitating it.

CEO of the CDA, Rosalee Gage Grey, says she’s ‘quite concerned’ about the report.

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The report links the abuse of young females to the fear of violent gang members in Waterhouse.

Mrs. Gage Grey says it’s difficult to get access to the community — due to violence. But she says the CDA will seek the help of the police in conducting the community interventions.

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Rosalee Gage Grey says the CDA is noticing an increase in reports of child abuse in Portmore and Spanish Town areas of St. Catherine and May Pen in Clarendon.