The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, JCC, is raising concern about what it’s describing as the ‘blanket ban’ placed on the importation of corned beef from Brazil.

It wants the government to allow certain imports from Brazil into the country.

In a statement last evening, the JCC says the ban affects products from facilities not under investigation.

It says it believes once local importers and distributors are able to provide the appropriate documentation regarding the origin of their products, and confirm they’re fully standing behind their brands, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Agriculture should permit them to re-enter the market without any delay.

The Ministry has declared that the ban will remain until it has completed relevant tests, citing safety and health concerns.

The ban was put in place last Monday following reports out of Brazil that some companies there have been selling unsafe meat produce for years.

The JCC says Jamaica has been formally advised by the Brazilian Embassy in Jamaica that an investigation into a number of meat processing facilities in Brazil is underway.

And, that none of the facilities under investigation are exporters of corned beef or other products to Jamaica.

The Brazilian Embassy has also called for the ban to be lifted.

It’s criticised the Jamaican government for imposing the ban, saying there was no consultation with Brazilian authorities beforehand.

It’s described the ban as ‘unilateral’.