Two people are nursing gunshot wounds this morning, while nearly 40 others sustained various injuries, following a stampede sparked by a shooting incident at the PNP’s mass rally in Portia Simpson Miller Square last night.

Chaos reigned within the massive crowd as people ran in various directions to get away from where they believed the shots were being fired.

The PNP drew a massive crowd to Portia Simpson Miller square last night on the last stop on the party’s campaign for tomorrow’s general elections.

But about 9:20pm, during the speech by Finance Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, all hell broke loose after gunshots were fired.

Dr. Phillips’ speech was interrupted as comrades fled in various directions, with several persons trampled in the melee.

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It took several minutes to restore order and at least two PNP supporters were rushed unto the stage with injuries, with one appearing to be unconscious.

The Chairman of Region Three, Phillip Paulwell, called on the comrades to be calm.

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On the platform, several members of the PNP and police personnel rushed to form a human shield around the Prime Minister.

But a defiant Simpson Miller declined to be shielded, strode to the front of the stage and called on her supporters not to be deterred.

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Mrs. Simpson Miller vowed to deal with those who she says brought evil to the PNP meeting.

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Mrs. Simpson Miller later told journalists that she had no intention to leave either the stage or the venue as she was determined to stand with the people.

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