JLP Candidate for Northern Trelawny, Dennis Meadows, has written to the Director of Elections, Orette Fischer raising concerns about an image which has been circulating on social media showing what appears to be a marked ballot from the constituency.

The image which was posted on Facebook by a man named Richie White, has the caption, “X beside the head PNP straight Wright is Right, Victor Wright for Northern Trelawny.

It shows a ballot with the names of the candidates for North Trelawny the PNP’s Victor Wright and Mr. Meadows.

The X is marked beside the head, the symbol of the PNP.

The ballot is dated February 25, 2016, with the polling division 40.

Mr. Meadows says he finds the image disturbing, coming a day after election day workers and members of the security forces cast their ballots.

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Mr. Meadows is demanding an immediate and thorough investigation.

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Meanwhile, Director of Elections, Orette Fisher says he is aware of the image which appears to show a ballot for the North Trelawny constituency, marked in favour of the PNP’s candidate, Victor Wright.

Mr. Fisher says an investigation is underway.

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Meanwhile a former Director of Elections, Danville Walker, says the person who posted the image of a marked ballot on social media, has done the country a great service, by exposing how easy it’s to buy votes.

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Mr. Walker is advising the Electoral Commission of Jamaica, ECJ, to ensure the police fully enforce the law that prohibits recording devices from being used in polling stations.

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Danville Walker, former Director of Elections. He unsuccessfully challenged for the Central Manchester seat, representing the JLP in the 2011 General Elections.