Chief Justice Bryan Sykes has urged members of the local legal fraternity to embrace the right of appeal being granted to the prosecution.

The bill granting the prosecution a conditional right of appeal was recently passed in the Senate.

The Chief Justice says the right of appeal for the prosecution has been widely accepted across the world.

He says Jamaica should embrace the concept.

The parliamentary Opposition and members of the defense bar have voiced objection to the move.

The Chief Justice says the matter is a question of fundamental justice.

Chief Justice Sykes says errors made by the judiciary that result in the acquittal of a guilty person are an injustice.

He says the right of appeal to the prosecution would remedy these instances of injustice.

Chief Justice Sykes says the criminal justice system’s responsibility is to provide the accused with a fair trail, not an acquittal.

Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes.

He was speaking yesterday at the Assize Service at the St. Andrew Parish Church.

And in support of the Nation’s Chief Jurist, the Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck, says granting the prosecution the right to appeal will balance the interests of justice between the accused and the victim.

Delroy Chuck, Minister of Justice.